quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2012

Fuck Mercury

Young Adult (2011), de Jason Reitman.

SANDRA: What happened to your dress? [MAVIS cries.] I’m sorry. Did I say something wrong ? Shit. What’s wrong? What did I say?
M AVIS: I have a lot of problems.
SANDRA: Can’t you get a new dress?
MAVIS: It’s really difficult for me to be happy. And then… for other people it seems so simple. You know. They just grow up and they’re so… fulfilled.
SANDRA: I don’t feel fulfilled. And frankly, If you don’t feel fulfilled with all the stuff that you have…
MAVIS: I need to change, Sandra.
SANDRA: No, you don’t. You’re the only person in Mercury who can write a book, or wear a dress like that. Everyone here is fat and dumb.
MAVIS: Don’t say that. I mean, you think so?
SANDRA: Everyone wishes that they can be like you. You know, living in the big city, being famous and beautiful and all that.
MAVIS: I’m not really a famous.
SANDRA: You know. Special or whatever. I mean, when I have a slow shift at work, I’ll seat and think about you, in your cool appartment, doing stuff. It seems really nice.
MAVIS : Yeah. But most of the people here seem so happy with so little. It’s like they don’t seem to care to what happens to them.
SANDRA : That’s because it doesn’t matter what happens to them. They’re nothing. Might as well die. Fuck Mercury.
MAVIS : Thank you. Wow. I needed that. You’re right. This place blows. I need to go back to Minneapolis.

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